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Blog: Dinosaur Planet on BBC Tees

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On Friday night I had a phone call from Distant Middlesbrough, home of BBC Tees and, more specifically The Bob Fischer Show. Mr Fischer was ringing me for an INTERVIEW and we spent a delightful quarter of an hour WAFFLING ON at each other about Topics Various, though mostly concerning Dinosaur Planet in both its concept album AND live two man Rock Opera formats.

Anyone who enjoys hearing grown men GIGGLING at each other might enjoy a listen to this... if such people exist, but HISTORIANS OF ROCK might ALSO enjoy it, for LO! Bob also played a couple of rough mixes of tracks from the aforesaid Concept Album. If you go to the Listen Again pages you'll find, about 28 minutes in, huge CHUNK of dialogue and the theme tune then, after the General Larking About section you'll get a MASSIVE slab of dialogue and the GLORY that is Here Come The Dinosaurs.

As I say these ARE very rough mixes (there's no Emma on either of these versions, nor Violins on the main theme) but the DO sound, i must admit, rather ACE! If you fancy a listen you've got until this Friday!

posted 25/10/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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