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Blog: Podcast is GO!

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Yesterday I spent a load MORE time goggling at the computer screen, this time with boggly eyes AND ears as I edited together the Totally Acoustic podcast. It's a COMPLEX TASK anyway, with all the different bits of formatting and LOGGING you need to do to get it online and into iTunes, but it's always made all the more difficult when I have to decide WHICH songs to include and which to leave out. Every time I do it i think "I'll keep that other one for the SPECIALS at the end" - I'm going to do a couple of SPECIAL shows early in the new year, using the best of the tracks that didn't get into the regular podcast - but I've a feeling deciding THAT might be even more difficult!

Anyway, the result of this EFFORT is that the latest podcast is now available to download! It is, tho I say so myself, something of a CRACKER, hope you enjoy it!

posted 25/11/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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