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Books read on holiday (including one I meant to take with me, but got excited about and read before I left) were:

  • One Hit Wonderland, by Tony Hawks (OK, except the bit about going to Albania with Norman Wisdom which was LOVELY and MOVING and GRATE)
  • Dead Air, by Iain Banks (GRIPPING, which was a nice surprise as all the reviews'd said it was rubbish. I especially liked the fact that half the action takes place round the corner from my work, I guess that's what it's like for people who live in New York who read comics eh?)
  • My Fat Brother, by Jim Keeble (LOVELY, i liked it a LOT, even though the supposedly ace poems that the lead character makes his living writing were a bit rotten)
  • Three Men In A Boat, by Jerome K Jerome (the BEST book EVER).

    It was LOVELY to just be able to sit around and READ all day, without feeling I should be doing something more a) modern or b) important. Holidays ROCK!

    posted 9/9/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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