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Blog: Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

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You find me the ONLY person in my office today in the midst of a SUPER SNOWY London Town, where everything is feeling DEAD Christmassy.

It's not JUST the snow that's making things feel this way, for LO! we have LAUNCHED into Christmas in a big way, chez nous. A few years ago The Wings On My Plane and I went on a big CIRCUMNAVIGATION around this time of year, and so HAD to get most of our Christmas Shopping done before we left. The next year I was similarly IMPELLED to do so by a trip to New Zealand and so the NEXT year I was getting into the habit of doing it all early. Half my siblings now live FAR away (hence those trips) and so I have to get it done early anyway to stand any chance of getting their gifts to them, but it turns out that Christmas Shopping in November is ACE. The decorations are up in the shops, the Christmas Songs are playing, and NOBODY ELSE is actually buying anything - it's a beautiful WIN that leaves me, come Advent, FINISHED with most of the commerce and free to ENJOY the Christmas Season.

And so it was this year that myself and The Tinsel On My Tree went to the post office yesterday and posted THE LOT. HOORAH! To celebrate we then put up the decorations, LO, all around the house, and the delightful tones of Mr Bob Dylan and his Christmas Album were heard around the ABODE.

SIDEBAR: I LOVE Bob Dylan, and i really think this is his BEST EVER ALBUM. It's also the Christmasiest Record EVER!

With Christmas Spirits running so high we ALSO sat down and finished the press release for our Christmas Album, and today The Art Department (Mauritius) has, we think, submitted the final version of THE COVER. I've got the new webpage design sorted out and now it's just a question of waiting until Monday 13 December to UNLEASH it upon the world. I tell you what, I've been LISTENING to it this morning and I was reaching DANGEROUS LEVELS of SHEER CHRISTMASINESS!

I DO like Christmas, can you tell? And it's only three and a bit weeks until the Doctor Who Christmas Special! ZOINKS!!!

posted 2/12/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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aaaaawwwwwwwww, can't we open it nooooooooooowwwww, pleeeeeeeeeeease ;)
posted 2/12/2010 by Carsmile

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