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Blog: I Just Couldn't Wait

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For several weeks now I have been calmly, methodically, planning the CAMPAIGN for our THRILLING new single The 29th Day Of December. I've been making the video, recording the song, writing press releases, LIAISING with The Art Department (in their swanky Mauritius offices), uploading tracks and generally getting things READY. The whole plan was to send out a press release on Monday and "officially" release it all on the 13th.

HOWEVER. The press release that The Headline Of My Article and i wrote the other day is, i think, SO IMMENSELY GRATE that I just could NOT wait to send it out, and so have DONE so. Now that it's all available for JOURNALISTS to see it feels a little unfair not to show it to the rest of you, so I'm going to stick it up here NEXT. I'll still send an official announcement and that on the 13 to newsletter people, but it's all too exciting to keep a proper secret until then. SO! Prepare to be CHRISTMASIFIED!

Or should that be CHRISTMASALISED? Anyway, STAND BY!

posted 3/12/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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