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Blog: Announcement: MJ Hibbett and The Validators Are Not Going For The Christmas Number One

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MJ Hibbett & The Validators would like to announce that they are not going for the Christmas Number One with their new single The 29th Day Of December.

MJ explains: "It saves us the hassle of doing a facebook campaign, and gives someone else the opportunity to fight Simon Cowell for the top spot. We're just putting the song on our bandcamp site, which isn't registered for the charts, so even if we sell a million copies we won't be on Top of the Pops."

The 29th Day Of December is about that wonderful day when all the shopping, eating and visiting is over, and you can relax a bit before New Year's Eve.

MJ says: "It's now a tradition for us to do a video for our Christmas song, and this year's is my first go at stop-motion animation. I saw one my nine-year-old nephew had done, and thought – that looks easy, I'll do one of those! Now I know why Wallace & Gromit films take five years to make."

Last year's Christmas song, I Got You What You Want For Christmas, was a big hit on YouTube. The band asked their mailing list to send in film clips of themselves holding up signs saying what they'd like for Christmas, and so many people took part that they had to make two videos to fit all the clips in – one for women, one for men.

Both these songs appear on MJ Hibbett & The Validators’ new Christmas Selection Box compilation, which will be available to download at from Monday 13 December*. It also includes old favourites The Advent Calendar Of FACT and Give Us A Kiss (for Christmas), and Christmas classics Little Donkey and Good King Wenceslas.

The band hope to add a new Christmas song to the album each year and, although they can't promise that none of them will ever top the charts, they do promise to always try and make them properly Christmassy!

* (actually you can download it now if you like!)
posted 3/12/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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