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Blog: Christmas is GO!

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Having got a bit too excited about CHRISTMAS and sent out the press release for the Christmas album a bit EARLY, I'm relieved to see that it wasn't TOO early to get picked up and indeed MENTIONED by a few people. PHEW!

We had our first AIRPLAY on Friday morning over on Phoenix FM - also, so far, the ONLY airplay, but it can only be a matter of time, right? Especially now that those lovely people over at CMU Daily have us on their PROPER NEWS PAGE as PROPER NEWS. We're not going to be Number One, and we LIKE it!

Over on the blogs we've had lovely PLUGS from the likes of Eardrums, John Kell VS Satan, Sweeping The Nation and the ever PERCEPTIVE A Layer Of Chips who are the first to suggest that The 29th Day Of December be celebrated EVER MORE as a special Holiday For Grown-Ups. This, of course, is a matter for others to decide but i must say i wholeheartedly support any MOVEMENT for this and, should it be decided that the INSTIGATOR and ANTHEMISER of this worthy cause be granted a massive annual stiped, also KNIGHTHOOD, then it would of course be distinctly UNCHRISTMASSY to refuse.

It's all very lovely and I'm looking forward to seeing what ELSE comes along. And as the SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS doth sayeth that it is better to GIVE than to RECEIVE (especially where it concerns mentions in blogs - Santa is MAD KEEN on that sort of thing) I thought I would ALSO give a mention to ANOTHER Christmas song/video combo. It's the new Christmas song from The Boy Least Likely To, herein below:

When i watched this the other day it had me in FLOODS of CHRISTMAS TEARS - it is really rather surprisingly moving, and I recommend it to you highly. Just have some tissues ready!

posted 6/12/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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