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Blog: Well Done, The Kids

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I was going to sit and write a blog about Current Events today, but to be honest I think there's too much going on in my head about it at the moment. There's a whole lot of "ARGH! NGGG! WHAT!??" directed at the police and the media, and quite a lot of it ALSO at the 5Live-ish comments from ALL sides (ALL sides) out there on the interweb too. I will therefore restrict myself to the one feeling I hope ALL people of a certain age are feeling today, and that is as follows:


After YEARS of old so-and-sos like me complaining about how rubbish students have been, at LAST the current generation have a) risen up and b) GOT STUCK IN. You don't have to agree with all the opinions expressed, motives or beliefs to think that this is a BLOODY GOOD THING, and I hope that the fact that we now DO have SO MANY students in this country will mean that the ridiculously biased news coverage will be shown up for what it is by the masses of teenagers going home and telling people what it was REALLY like. As Peter Tatchell said on twitter, "If you were peaceful but got kettled by the police for 6+ hours with no food, water or toilets, you'd be angry too." He is, as ever, CORRECT.

So please excuse a gentleman of a certain age being slightly sentimental about THE YOUNG PEOPLE today and hopeful that they'll continue to stick up for themselves, to NOT accept that they HAVE to go straight out from college and get high paying jobs to make themselves worthwhile, and to keep on sticking it to THE MAN. They don't always have to be RIGHT about it, they don't always have to go about it in ways that the rest of us thing are BEST, but it's bloody brilliant to know that they're DOING it in their own way. HOORAH for The Kids!

AND as there's surely NOTHING more Christmassy than getting a bit nostalgic, sentimental and also a little bit PATRONISING to those younger than yourself, I have declared a general SOD IT and decided to make the whole page go CHRISTMASSY in celebration! It's Christmas! Let's DO it!

posted 10/12/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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