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Blog: The Christmas Message

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This morning you discover me dashing around finishing things off, drawing to a close some of this year's MIGHTY PROJECTS.

Last night I sent the latest Totally Acoustic Podcast out into the world, and BY JINGO it is (if you will excuse a little festive merriment) a RIGHT Christmas Cracker! Truly, it was a beautiful night of fun which I believe we managed to capture on tape, and a fitting end to a LOVELY season of gigs. I'm EXTREMELY relieved that it all worked out so well, and am already EAGER for next year's round of shows!

And this morning I've JUST sent out the latest edition of The Last Working Day Of The Month with a large batch of FACTS and THANKS to end the year with. It really has been a BLOODY GRATE year for EXCELLENT projects and events, and it's not even over yet - there's still a couple of sessions booked for Dinosaur Planet before New Year's and, most important of all, The Validators' Christmas Curry - but for now I feel that much of the work is DONE, allowing me to open a beer and get myself geared up for the Doctor Who Christmas Special.

I'll hopefully be back for more blogging before the year ends and will doubtless continue to get All Sentimental, but I'd just like to say, at this most SENTIMENTAL time of the year, that i really REALLY appreciate the fact that people can be bothered to read me - basically - SHOWING OFF on these pages on an almost daily basis, and look forward to sharing EVEN MORE of it with you in the future. Have a GRATE Christmas everyone!

posted 23/12/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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Not sure about GRAPHS, probably TABLES tho!
posted 23/12/2010 by MJ Hibbett

are there going to be end of year GRAPHS?
posted 23/12/2010 by Carsmile

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