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Blog: Packing Up Tripod

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Last year I moved the whole website over to EHostPros - it was instigated by changes at Blogger which meant I needed a PROVIDER where I could do my own blogging system, but I'd been thinking about leaving Tripod, my old provider, for AGES.

I've had my tripod account ever since I started my very first version of these webpages, sometime (i think) in 1997, right at the VERY START OF THE INTERWEB. COR, that's nearly 14 years, it seems like only yesterday that we all plugged our TERMINALS into the OVER-BRANE! How well I remember my first EMAILED going to the pub arrangements - I was meeting Tim in the Pump & Tap. He drove round my house to check I'd got the message!

ANYWAY over the years Tripod had served me well, but there'd been a couple of INCIDENTS. For instance, I pay them via a regular charge on my debit card, and when my card RAN OUT, rather than ask me to change it they pulled the plug on the ENTIRE SITE. This happened TWICE! Also their customer service is APPALLING, it's a bit expensive for what it is, and it doesn't allow you to DO much, HENCE my decision to move was made nice and easy for me.

HOWEVER, i still haven't got round to cancelling the site - this is partly due to being busy doing other stuff, but also due to RELUCTANCE. I've had it for YEARS, e'en since the web address had a TILDE in it, and didn't want to entirely sever my links with it, so I eventually decided just to DOWNGRADE it to a FREE version. This is what happened before when they had the wrong card details for me, and they ended up deleting most of the files until it'd fit into a free account, so I'm now gradually backing it all up and removing stuff.

Today I asked them to switch ownership of, which is registered with them, to Easyspace, who do all my other domains. When THAT'S done there's just a bit of deleting left to do and it'll all be gone. All that will be left will be this error page, which I have to admit I'm quite fond of. It's been a delightful 14 years, on the whole, with Tripod - I wonder what the Interweb will be like 14 years from NOW, in 2025?

posted 14/1/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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Wasn't the original site hosted on the Leicester Poly servers? Or did I imagine that? Back when you were plain old mjh18
posted 14/1/2011 by Francois

Oh yeah, so it was - I'd forgotten about that - I had to move it to Tripod when I was put in charge of making sure no-one was misusing their personal webspace!
posted 14/1/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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