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Blog: Dinosaur Planet FINALE

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And so it came to pass that Mr S Hewitt and I met at Kings Cross for one final trip to perform Dinosaur Planet: THE MUSICAL. And LO! getting to Nottingham was all fine - for reasons of Not Utterly Ludicrous Pricing we went via Grantham but otherwise it was without incident and we arrived at the Ibis in good time, to find that OUR USUAL SUITES were, as ever, awaiting us.

We were playing at Lee Rosy's, where one of the very FIRST Dinosaur Planet previews happened, tho in a very very VERY different shape to how it'd ended up. We said hello to Alex, the promoter, popped across the road for a couple of pints and then returned to find a gentle flow of delightful people coming in. I was a bit worried that some people who'd seen that first preview, of the story-telling SOLO version, wouldn't come along, thinking it was the same show, and this was borne out by the fact that there were only THREE people in who'd seen it before, and only ONE who'd been there then. Still, there was a good crowd of peeople ready for LARFS and, after we'd got our cups of tea and I'd had a bit of CAKE we went on to perform Dinosaur Planet for the very last time.

And it was BLOODY GRATE! Beforehand we'd been talking about which shows had been best, and I'd been worried in case this final one ended on a damp note, but it turned out to be one of the bestest, and certainly most FUN versions we've ever done. "Titting About" was at an all time high - having taken an inordinately long time for Grandad to answer his front door to Terry, and thus engendering a LOT of door knocking, I said "Sorry it took so long, I was having a POO." I'd been about to say "I was on the shitter" but realised there were some CHILDREN present - PHEW! This totally stupid thing to say made me LARF for the next TEN MINUTES and, indeed, is still making me LARF now - sorry everyone!

We also seemed to be really GOING for it throughout, as if we wanted to use up every last bit of it before we put it away for good. I'd thought I'd feel a bit sad and STRANGE throughout - expecting to think "This is the last time I'll sing this song/tell this joke" at every stage, but COMPLETELY didn't. Even though I now it IS the last gig we've got booked, and that we start practicing Moon Horse next week, it just felt like I was having a thoroughly enjoyable DASH through something I'd not be saying goodbye to yet. It was odd - perhaps my latent psychic powers are FINALLY kicking in, and seeing the Broadway Run yet to come? It is the only logical conclusion.

Post-show we nipped back over the road for a well-deserved celebratory drink, before wending our way back to our suites. Next morning we got up bright and early... to find our train had been CANCELLED. It's the first first time that's happened to me in YEARS, but I couldn't really keep ANNOYED about it as I was so BUOYANT after the lovely gig and, indeed, YEAR of gigs that we'd just done.

Thanks to everyone who came last night, and to ALL the nights and afternoons we've performed the show, and ESPECIALLY to Alex last night and everyone ELSE who's put us on. I think I speak for Steve as well as myself when I say that we really REALLY appreciate it, and we hope to see you in a month or two for... MOOOOOON HORSE!

posted 22/2/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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