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Blog: With Very Special Guests

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I am EXCITED, as I've just sorted out the Guest Artiste for our gig with Being 747 in Leicester on October 20th - none other than Dr. Neil Brown!!

OK, I understand if some of our younger viewers aren't now leaping up and down with excitement at this announcement - let me explain. Dr Brown was, for many years, 50% of LEGENDARY (no, really) Leicester Band VOON. Later on he was 33% of it, then 0%, becoming instead the GUIDING FORCE behind Bungalow Bill and, more VITALLY, the band GNARF!. He was also The Synth Player in the band John Sims, second only to PRAM as one of the bands who sounded "a bit" like Stereolab in the late 1990's, and precursor to bands like Broadcast and Saloon who now sound "a bit" like Stereolab DID in the late 1990's.

None of that is important though, as this is NOT a gig by any of those bands, but instead a SOLO gig by the great man himself. These have ONLY been seen in very limited company, the last occasion being a brief 2 song jaunt at the AAS All-Dayer in Derby. There has not been a Full Set by Dr N.Brown for many MANY years, and a great deal of people only know of them through ME, and then they usually don't believe me when I tell them what it was like.

I'm hoping for the HITS - "Dog On The Horizon", "Never Fall In Love With Your Dentist", maybe even "My Nan's Groin" - and maybe, just maybe, some new material. Are you as excited as ME yet? WAHEY!

posted 16/9/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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