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Blog: Books Written For Girls

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Today I have been VERY happily listening to the new album by Camera Obscura, "Underachievers Try Harder", over and over again. The other day I Listened Again (actually I hadn't listened to that particular show before at all, but let's not tell BBCi that eh?) to John Peel, heard the song "Books Written For Girls", and came over All Peculiar. Ooh, it were right lovely it was. THUS I went and bought the ALBUM, and LOVE it to bits. It's like what I hoped the third Belle & Sebastian album would be like i.e. LIKE early Belle & Sebastian, but more SOLID and GROOVY.

Let's not be coy about it, it sounds a LOT like Belle & Sebastian (Stuart Murdoch even takes the cover pictures), but to me that's a Very Good Thing Indeed, especially when, as noted, they take the FUN and GRATENESS of those first two albums, and then add some more COOLNESS and super groovy BACKING VOCALS (lots of Beach Boys and Motown ESQUE stuff), and ditch the cloying tweeness and cack Songs Other Band Members Wrote that spoilt most of the later B&S records.

It is, in fact, BLOODY GRATE! I'm going to see them next week too - HOORAH!

posted 17/9/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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