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Blog: Wonderful Wednesday is GO!

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A very Merry Monday to one and all! If you're reading this via the main webpage you will hopefully have noticed that we've had a bit of an old REDESIGN. This is to celebrate the availability of Wonderful Wednesday from all MANNER of download stories, including iTunes and of course directly from us via our bandcamp page (where you can LIVE STREAM it for FREE too!).

Unlike the PHYSICAL RELEASE from last month, you don't get a BADGE with these versions, but you do at least get the correct running order! It's a lovely little album, I reckon, which came out surprisingly CONCEPTUAL... with the concept LARGELY being "Goodness me but I'm a bit fed up of having to go to work, can I stay at home instead?" Do have a listen if you have time - I'm not going to do any BIG PUBLICITY for that one as there's MORE than enough coming up later in the year that'll require it, but if you fancy passing it on to other people via blogs or twitter or, you know, THE PUB, I would be most grateful!

posted 11/4/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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