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Blog: I Remember When This Was All Smaller Buildings

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A flying visit to downtown LEICESTER last night, to have a BEER with my friend Chris. We had a lovely time, although, as ever, I seem to have had a Bad Pint somewhere along the way hem hem. As we STROLLED through The Second Most Bohemian City In The Country (after Manchester, fair enough) I was amazed to find the vast amount of new buildings that had SPRUNG UP in the few weeks since my last visit. This is especially true around the Poly... sorry, DeMontfort Uni, where half the buildings appear to have SUDDENLY been knocked down and replaced by massive futuristic SPACE BUILDINGS from out of Judge Dredd. If you look at the DMU Photo Gallery for Leicester you'll see lots of buildings that just aren't there any more. The new Students Union is ESPECIALLY futuristic and, actually, FAB. Hopefully it has a venue area where you can actually see the stage too - The Arena at the old Union USED to be a GRATE venue, then some fcukwits decided to surround the main standing area with "barbed wire" and industrial sheeting. Smashing for GOTH discos, not so smashing for gigs where suddenly only the couple of hundred people on the dancefloor could actually see anything.

ANYWAY, it was amazing, and I was amazed. Elsewhere they'd knocked down the old football ground, built a brand new Liberty Building, and put a whole housing estate on the scummy old railway sidings on Bede Island. Blimey!

posted 19/9/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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