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Blog: The Price Of Politics

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Thanks very much INDEED to everyone who's so far re-posted, mentioned, embedded or TWITTED the I'm Saying Yes video, it's been very exciting seeing the numbers go up, and it's started to appear in all SORTS of places.

One of my favourites so far as been on the Total Politics blog. The Points In My Argument gets the magazine through the post, so we are AVID readers of it (particularly, in my case, at just after 8am every morning...) and thus i was VERY excited when it popped up on the referall STATS from YouTube. But what's this I see in the comments? It's someone a) deliberately misunderstanding/perverting the TRUTH and b) being RUDE about my physical stature! The swine!

This seems to be the case GENERALLY for LOTS of people who want to say "NO" to the video - deliberate falsehood/misunderstandings and ABUSE. I am trying my BEST to rise above it where it happens, but sometimes I have found myself WADING IN to say "OI! No!" On the YouTube comments, for instance, some idiot said "If AV is a voting system that will help destroy those eeeeeeeeeeeevil Tories why didn't Labour give us a referendum during their 13 years of office? Cool vid, but your 'arguments' suck. "

I was rather annoyed by this because a) I never said anything ABOUT AV destroying the Tories or why Labour didn't give us a referendum so that wasn't even my argument and b) my opinions do not suck anyway, you rotter. So I called him a pillock (I KNOW this is IMMATURE but hey - he totally was being a pillock) and he called me "RUDE", which i thought rather RIPE. So - HA! - i BLOCKED him!

I then had HOURS of doubts - was this right of me? Was this democratic? Or - hang on - was this like someone coming and writing abuse on the front of MY WEBPAGE? In the end i thought it was OK to do it, but like a very very low-key Andrew Marr, felt a bit bad about it. Whenever I put a video up I generally try to keep ALL the comments, unless they're obvious SPAM or abuse, but even then I feel a bit guilty about it.

So that, i conclude, is the price of Politics: mild guilt and being called FAT. It's not so bad - don't worry, Nick Clegg, you'll get over it!

posted 28/4/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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Nah i think you can sleep easy. You know that this kind of TROLL will just keep going until you give up and ignore them (and then it looks like they have won this is their M.O.)
posted 28/4/2011 by Rob

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