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Blog: Totally Acoustic: The FINALE

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I spent a rather large CHUNK of yesterday editing together the GRAND FINALE of this season of Totally Acoustic. For this second series I had made things a bit easier for myself by KEEPING all the setlists I'd written down when editing the individual episodes (which I didn't do for the first series, so I had to go through and work out half of it all over again) AND, with HUGE CUNNING, selecting tracks to SAVE as I went along. Well done, ME OF THE PAST, you saved me a LOT of work!

Chopping out the tracks was thus A DREAM, although joining them together took a little bit longer (usually it's PEASY, as I can cross-fade CLAPPING, but different days and audiences means you can suddenly TELL when that happens) and doing the talky bits in between took AGES. I thought "Oh this'll be easy, I'll listen to the end of the last song and the start of the next, and just say what each is" but as soon as I began my BRANE intervened and made me say STUPID things or, surprisingly often, IDIOTIC remarks which, when recorded, could be VERY EASILY taken to mean other things. This happened A LOT - and even when I managed to say something pretty SIMPLE I suddenly found that I was unable to SPEAK PROPER. I don't just mean the sudden YOKELISATION of my voice - although, as usual, the microphone somehow MANGLED by normal crystal clear BBC Home Service Accent Free voice into ONE OF THE WURZELS - but my inability to say SIMPLE WORDS. I tell you what, it gave me RENEWED RESPECT for Disc Jockeys and TV Continuity Announcers!

Once that was FINALLY done there was time for a little bit of - dare I say it - FLAIR. As you'll hear I have managed, in a couple of occasions, to do that DJ TRICK of fading a track in UNDER the introduction. I know some people don't LIKE that so I only did it a couple of times, but CRUMBS! It doesn't half sound PROPER!

With that all done, and apart from my bumbling and mumbling, the actual podcast sounds AMAZING. Even tho I BOOKED it I was still impressed by the DIVERSITY of stuff and the EXCELLENCE of the performers - there really is some CRACKING stuff on there, and i'm hoping that, if we can get a few people to HEAR it, it'll introduce some of the ACTS to a wider audience. With that in mind, I'd be extremely grateful to anyone who can PUBLICISE it in any way for us, whether it's blogging or twitting or EVEN - KRAZY IDEA - just mentioning it to their friends!

RETRO, i know, but still, it might just work! For those who like to know such things, here's the full list of CONTENTS:

Jenny Lockyer - Skinny Jim
Simon Fox - Don't Talk To Me About Love
Peter Buckley-Hill - Slobodan Milosevic Is Dead
Superman Revenge Squad - The Angriest Dog In The World
Matt Tiller - The First Dog In Space
The Understudies - Chip Pan Glam
Keith Top Of The Pops - Nicky Wire Can Suck My Cock
Vom Vorton - The Future Is Disappointing
Owen Tromans - Old At 21
Tim Eveleigh - Perfect
More Bad Times - Those Trainers Are Fucking Crazy
A Fine Day For Sailing - Summer Blonde
MJ Hibbett (and Steve) - We Did It Anyway

Why, if that were a compilation I would BUY it, if it were a MIXTAPE I would give the person who did it for me a great big sloppy KISS. Or possibly manly hug, should the situation require it. You don't have to do EITHER of those things, just go and have a listen. Go on, you'll like it, it's GRATE!

posted 12/5/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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