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Blog: You Can't Go Back (OH YES YOU CAN!)

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I'm back in Leicester today - I came back last night, and am staying round at Tom's House until tomorrow. The main reason for doing this was to come back to My Old Work, and sort some problems out, finish off some things unfinished by Other People, do some training and generally say "Everything is Fine" a bit. So, I'm sat here at my old desk on my old computer in my old city and it's... it's fine really!

The whole experience is weirdly UNWEIRD. I did get a bit of a PANG when I got off the train last night, but other than that nothing seems odd at all - I went to get a coffee this morning and passed someone in the corridor. I said "Morning!" and carried on, then noticed they were Double Taking and thought "Oh yeah, I don't work here any more do i?" Is STRANGE in it's lack of strangeness!! It's lovely to be back and seeing people, but not for a PICOSECOND have I had any regrets about leaving - I love Leicester, I loved my old job, and tonight I'm off to the PUB to see some people I love, but the whole NEW LIFE, with the WOMAN I love wins, no contest!

COOL, really, isn't it? Actually, thinking of it as I type it, bloody YES! It's brilliant! HOORAH!

To COMPOUND the general GRATE-NESS, I came up here last night so's I could go in the studio, and that's what I did. Me, Mr Reverb and the aforementioned Mr McClure sat and mixed "Everything's Turning Out All Right", and I tell you there's Never A Dull Moment in that song - it sounds FANTASTIC, and I look forward IMMENSELY to listening to it again and again and again tonight. We even did a "pad" (studio talk!) on a keyboard, only slightly hindered by me discovering 80'S ROCK KEYBOARD sound and SUDDENLY being transported into that bit in Every 80's Teen Movie EVER where the boffin in the shopping mall ROCKS OUT with the funky sounds. It was ACE! And, for a flourish, we remixed "Good Cooking" too, just because we could.

Hoorah for everything!

posted 7/2/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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