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Blog: A Froth Of Ideas

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I'm trying really really hard NOT to take on anything NEW at the moment. We're only three weeks away from Moon Horse at the Edinburgh Fringe and between now and then we've got another THREE preview shows, the return of Totally Acoustic TONIGHT (do come along if you can, we've got A Fine Day For Sailing and the return to the live arena of Mr David Barnett, it'll be GRATE), the podcasts of same, a Secret Practice with a Secret Ensemble for a Secret Thing in a couple of weeks (it's a SECRET), a HUGE mixing session for Dinosaur Planet on Monday when we'll FINALLY have the whole thing segued together, and the long-awaited Validators reunion on the Sunday of Indietracks when we're gathering to watch our very own Frankie Machine play in the Church. There's also loads to do for the DESIGN of the next album, some possible gigs in GERMANY, and the whole business of getting the band together to PRACTICE all these new songs.

To put it bluntly: I'm quite busy.

HOWEVER, as is always the way, my BRANE has picked this time to go "OOH! OOH! Here's an idea! How about THIS?!?" persistently from waking up to laying me down to sleep. I've had a rather EXCELLENT idea for a Songwriter NETWORKING (yes!) EVENT which I'm going to start sorting out soon, a STORY that I'm going to turn into a SPEC SCRIPT for next year's planned Mid-Life Crisis, and this very I had a STUNNING REVELATION about exactly how the aforesaid Dinosaur Planet could be made to work as a stage musical. The other night Mr T Eveleigh repeated his assertation that he might know an Amateur Dramatic TROUPE who could be up for doing it, and ever since then I have been thinking about how BRILLIANT that would be. I can see the big DANCE EXTRAVAGANZA of the GIANT ROBOTS in glorious technicolour!

It's all very delightful, and much preferable to having NO ideas, but it isn't half exhausting. The thing I am MOST PLEASED ABOUT for Edinburgh this year is the fact that we're on at 5pm, so I can once again have MASSIVE LIE-INS every day. If the BRANE continues at this rate I think i'm going to need them!

posted 14/7/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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