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Blog: Packing Day

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Tomorrow is the day me and Steve FINALLY head North to Edinburgh. LOADS of shows are starting tomorrow, twitter tells us that most comedians are already there, people are getting in touch to say when they're thinking of coming and... and it all seems WEIRD and UNREAL.

Can it really be nearly time to GO? I'm sat at home today, on Wonderful Wednesday, looking at the word "PACK!" on my List Of Things To Do, thinking "Really? Now?" We've been planning this year's trip pretty much since we left LAST year, writing it, working out venues, doing previews and getting organised, and it's been in THE FUTURE for so long it's as if I never realised it would ever be in THE PRESENT.

For instance, I am Venue Captain for Buffs, our venue (as discussed over on my WhatsOnStage blog today) and have been having Actual Fun over the past week making arrangements for us all to meet the venue and get our PA set up. It's lovely - my DECADES of ROCK EXPERIENCE come in very very handy at times like these - but over the past couple of days I've been saying things like "See you on Friday!" not NEXT Friday, or a DATE, but actually the Friday that's coming along the day after tomorrow! It's like in a DREAM when something ASTONISHING happens and you find yourself a) accepting it but b) AWARE of the weirdness, so your entire mind screams THIS IS HAPPENING!

So, tomorrow I'm on the train, on Friday (SEE ABOVE) we're setting up the venue, and on SATURDAY we begin! BLIMEY. If you happen to be IN Edinburgh, do pop along to see us won't you? We're on at the Buffs Club (RAOB) on West Register Street (near the Voodoo Rooms) at 5pm-6pm EVERY day until the 20th and it's FREE. Here's the trailer one more time:

Now, where's my suitcase?

posted 3/8/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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