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Blog: Two Thirds Through

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Greetings from Edinburgh, where you find us two thirds through our run of "Moon Horse". Sorry for the chronic lack of updates here - I've been too busy dashing around DOING things to actually write about them!

The shows themselves have been going JOLLY well - Mr S Hewitt and I are still DEVELOPING our ROLES and thoroughly enjoying doing it still. Audience have been GRATE - only dipping below double figures ONCE (and those nine people more than made up for numbers with LARFS) and only getting a few Tough Customers in. It's GRATE fun learning how to DO this even more and the show really does FLY by. I'm especially looking forward to coming down for our mini-run at The Camden Fringe and showing off with how much it has GROWN!

We've done a couple of extra bits and bobs too - we did a short spot in a compilation show, then the other night I appeared in a CRAMMED Robin Ince show, where I was AMAZED by how BRILLIANT Grace Petrie was - we played with her YEARS ago in Leicester when she must have been about FIVE, and in the interim has become FANTASTIC.

There's been loads and LOADS of shows, of varying levels of ACENESS. Best one recently was, I think, "How Steeple Sinderby Won The FA Cup" but there's been ALL SORTS. I have taken NOTES so may do a proper review when it's all over.

Also present has been BONUS ACTIVITIES - we've hobnobbed, bumped into PALS, tried exciting new WHISKIES and even eaten some NON-CURRY. Then YESTERDAY we heard that we might be getting reviewed on The Scott Mills Show on Radio One today!! If anyone knows of somewhere in Edinburgh I could LURK arond 4pm to hear it, do let me know - I'm hoping they liked it, but am a little AFEARED.

And then there's the article I've written for a forthccming edition of ThreeWeeks, the ongoing WhatsOnStage blogs and... well, you get the idea. LOTS has occurred so far and who knows WHAT will occur in the final third of our stay? I'll try and let you know before the end of the week, but if you don't hear from me for a while, don't worry - I will just be out DOING stuff!

posted 16/8/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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