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Blog: As Seen On Radio One

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I expect there's going to be millions of The Young People popping by the site today, for LO! Yesterday we got featured on Radio One!

It was all very very exciting - Scott Mills of The Scott Mills is broadcasting from the Fringe this week, and on Monday h gave his pal Tom Deacon a list of shows to choose from, that he'd then review the next day. Brilliantly he chose Moon Horse - the first we knew of it was a flurry of TWITS recieved when we switched our phones on after the show, followed by the lovely Dec (who does the next show) coming upstairs and saying "Hey! That was Tom Deacon, you're going to be on Radio One!"

I was excited... but also a bit nervous. I had some experience of Groovy Young Person's Radio a few years ago when 6Music had their dodgy period of trying to make their breakfast show "Crazy" and wondered if it might be an opportunity for them just to use us as a Tool Of Mockery. I needn't have worried tho - there was a BIT of that, with Mr Mills and the other co-presenter going "This sounds rubbish!" occasionally, but BRILLIANTLY Mr Deacon was SO ENTHUSIASTIC about the show that he steam-rollered over THE LOT! It was GRATE! "Amazing", he called us, "Brilliant", "Incredible" and - BEST OF ALL THING EVER - said it was "like two drunken dads picking up a guitar at a party".

JOB DONE! That is pretty much EXACTLY what we were going for - we actually LITERLLY said "Two drunken uncles at a barbecue" which, goodness me is close enough!

So thank you very much INDEED Mr Tom Deacon, and also to the member of the production team who picked us out in the first place. We're not going to let it change us TOO much (tho Steve has spent the past hour putting styling mousse in his hair, and I've invested in some posh pants so i can lower my jeans round my knees) but we ARE very much looking forward to seeing THE KIDS at the show.

I'm sure they'll LOVE it - it's "Drunk Dads" (Radio One), who WOULDN'T?

posted 17/8/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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What time does it turn up in the show, if I were to skim through iPlayer.
posted 17/8/2011 by Pete

21.30 ish, on this show:
posted 17/8/2011 by Pete

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