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Our Edinburgh is finished, and I'm back at WORK. It feels WEIRD to somewhere where the working day begins so EARLY, and where extremely cheap BEER is not constantly available - and the lack of pan-pipes on my way in this morning felt EERIE.

Since last I blogged we had all SORTS of Adventures, not least on Wednesday when we spent over SEVEN HOURS at Buffs - doing our show, staying on for a MIGHTY Totally Acoustic (podcast hopefully up tomorrow!) then lurking around for several hours before doing a spot at Robin Ince's show... and then drinking some more. One of my favourite parts of the entire fortnight happened that day, after Totally Acoustic when me, Steve, Chris T-T and The Morricone Brothers sat around CHATTING. At one point the HEIRLOOM ANECDOTES came out for the telling, it was BEAUTIFUL.

The last few shows were really good - almost as if we knew what we were DOING! - and we saw some brilliant shows. After one of them we had a moment of PURE KARMA, which I detailed on my Whats On Stage BLOG. I'm going to stick all those blogs on this website soon, I managed to do a good few of them!

The last show came at HIGH SPEED and there was a little EMOTION as we left, especialy saying goodbye to the amazing FRANK (who'd also done a song at Robin Ince's show, performing "My Way"). We had some beer, some curry, and then next morning packed up and came home. While we were there it felt like we'd been there FOREVER, yet it also FLEW BY at incredible speed.

It was definitely the best one yet, no question about it - the show was REALLY enjoyable (the lack of the LONGEURS that Dinosaur Planet had meant i was ALWAYS surprised to discover we were getting near the end of the hour), the flat was LOVELY, we had a Wonderful Window Of Wives, we met loads of old pals and met new ones, and generally had FUN. Best of all though was the venue - Buffs was just MAGICAL, it felt like we'd been welcomed in to a new home, like discovering we'd been regulars all along, and if/when we go back to do another show i'll be PLEADING to do it at Buffs.

If you came to see us, thanks very VERY much indeed - and if you haven't seen it yet we're hoping to do a couple more gigs, starting off in Camden this weekend. It should be pretty good - we've practiced it a LOT!

posted 22/8/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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