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Blog: What I Did On My Holidays

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I thought it might be good FOR THE RECORD to do a big old list of what I SAW when I was up in Edinburgh, and even do some recommendations. So here we go!
Please Hold, You're Being Transferred to A UK Based Asian Representative - Finnegan's Wake
Disobedience: Chris T-T Sings The Songs Of AA Milne - Ryan's Cellar Bar
How Steeple Sinderby Wanderers Won the FA Cup - Teviot
Four Sad Faces - Canon's Gait
Herring podcast - The Stand
Quotidian revue - Bongo Club
Otway on Otway - Voodoo Rooms
The 90s In Half An Hour - Three Sisters
Super Crazy Fun - Three Sisters
Festival of the Spoken Nerd - Sin Club
Josie Long - Pleasance Dome
John Robins - Just The Tonic At The Caves
Spaghetti Lolognaise - The White Horse
Mark Thomas - Bongo Club
Matt Tiller - Just The Tonic At The Caves
Helen Keen - Canon's Gait
Boyd & Metcalfe - Royal Mile Tavern
The Songs I'll Never Sing - Beehive
Richard Herring - Udderbelly's Pasture
Robin Ince 2 - Buffs Club
Storytellers - Pleasance Courtyard
Tom Lenk - Pleasance Courtyard
The Social Anxiety Network - Espionage
GI Joe Jared - The Beehive
The Cheshire Liberation Front Political Indoctrination Rally - Buffs Club (RAOB)
Found Objects Present... - The Newsroom

That was a LOT of shows! Some of the GRATE ones (like GI Joe Jared) aren't on any more and some of them are BIG ONES that don't need me to tell you about them, but if you're UP there in the last week I'd HIGHLY recommend seeing Four Sad Faces, Boyd & Metcalfe, Chris T-T, The Cheshire Liberation Front Political Indoctrination Rally and Found Objects, all of which are FREE! FREE i tell you!

I saw LOTS of Free Shows this time - I'm going to do a big BLOG about it later, as it rather turned around my VIEWS on COMEDY, they were some of the BEST stuff and I'd heartily recommend going to see some. If you MUST pay then Josie Long, John Robins and Mark Thomas were GRATE... well, actually MOST shows I saw were pretty good and NOTHING was rubbish. This, I think, is a RESULT!

posted 22/8/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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