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Blog: Moon Horse On Tour

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I've just sent out a batch of emails to Delightful People Various to start the Moon Horse TOUR rolling. Doing nearly all of our previews in South London means that this time around we can take the FINISHED VERSION off around the country to show off to people - we're hoping to do this in OCTOBER so that it's still fresh in our BRANES, and also before the ginormous JUGGERNAUT that is the Dinosaur Planet ALBUM crushes everything in its path.

Before that though we have the traditional Triumphant London ENCORE of our Fringe run, which is happening TONIGHT (Friday) and TOMORROW NIGHT (Saturday) at The Camden Head. We're on 8pm-9pm (ROCK TYPES: that means we'll be starting bang on 8pm and be all finished by 9pm, so don't come down late or you'll miss it!) and I reckon it'll be a LARF RIOT. I'm FAIRLY sure that i can remember pretty much how it goes, and it was going pretty darn good by the end of the Edinburgh run, so if you're around come along! It'll be LOVELY!

posted 26/8/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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