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Blog: Getting Back To Normal

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Things are slowly returning to normality at Hibbett Towers - well, as normal as they can get with the KRAZY KATS involved of course: ZOINKS. Post-Edinburgh COLLAPSE was postponed by various parental visits (Peterborough BEER Festival last week, then other parents at the weekend for a BEATLES WALK and PUBS) and The Camden Fringe, but this week has been one of QUIET and NOT GOING OUT. It's been bloody lovely - it's almost as if the BBC Scheduled the current run of "New Tricks" JUST so that the likes of me would have a LOT of telly to watch this week.

But, of course, ROCK is ever looming on the horizon, and even while I'm enjoying the fact that I'm going HOME straight after work (rather than GADDING ABOUT) I'm already in DISCUSSIONS about the Moon Horse touring opportunities, and gearing up for next weekend's FINAL Dinosaur Planet mixing session. Over the coming weeks there's going to be a LOT of effort expended finishing off the album artwork, sleevenotes, new webpage, T-SHIRTS, and all sorts. Then we've got the German Tour (!), the return of Totally Acoustic, PODCASTING Moon Horse (maybe) and who knows what else?

For now though I'm thoroughly enjoying this little OASIS of NORMALITY. Ooh, and we've got "Location Location Location" taped on the TIVO box for tonight too - life is GRATE!

posted 1/9/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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