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Blog: I Will Have My REVENGE!

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Golly. A quick dawdle through GOOGLE to check for any more airplay (no, honest, that's the only reason I was doing it) turned up a BLISTERING ATAK on me, by someone I know. This is someone I knew around Leicester for years, and said hello too, but now turns out to have harboured BLISTERING RAGE for me, calling me a "dumbass f**kwit... talentless and devoid of an 'original' idea" supposedly because I wrote a song that mentions Kendo Nagasaki and Dickie Davies, and that this means I am RIPPING OFF Half Man Half Biscuit. Now, the song in question is "Saturday Lunchtime Wrestlers", which lists a lot of old Wrestling Celebrities and presenters, and those two would be pretty hard to miss out, whereas the HMHB songs that mention them AREN'T about such things, and anyway, I think their song about Kendo Nagasaki was written AFTER mine came out. Though I might be wrong. ALSO my song's a METAPHOR for the changes in the state of Being English that took place under Thatcherism, whilst theirs are about a) a really annoying girlfriend and b) a really annoying girlfriend, funnily enough. Hmmm... is The Wrestling used in a metatextual fashion in by Blackwell? Discuss.

ANYWAY, I was THROWN into a state of RIGHTEOUS FURY by this - that's the last time I ever say hello to HIM in the chip shop! - and considered emailing back to say "OI!" and so forth... then I noticed that the email was written over three years ago. I suppose me LEAPING out of the darkness at him, grappling him to the floor, and saying "AND you spelt my name wrong, you feckless shit!" would at best be slightly confusing in the circumstances. But still! GRR!

We're playing in Leicester soon - oh, my VENGEANCE will be... er... SUBTLE!

posted 1/10/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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