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Blog: Physical Product Approaching

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I used to think it was a good idea to include EXTRAS on the CD-R part of the CD - with loads of our albums you could stick them in the computer and get all MANNER of extra bits and bobs. For instance, the Better Things To Do single had a whole MINI-ALBUM with SIX extra tracks on the multimedia section, while My Boss Was In An Indie Band Once had TWO songs on the main single but an ENTIRE ROCK OPERA on the extras.

This was all DELIGHTFUL, but I never got the impression that many people took advantage of it - INDEED i heard a lot more about the extras making the CD not WORK in some players. SO, this time around we've decided NOT to have the extras on the CD, and INSTEAD make them downloadable from the website - I've done a FULL SCRIPT and a SONG BOOK for it, and I'm hoping that this way more people will see them.

I'm still KEEN, however, to make the whole package Value For Money, and so we're having a proper Fully Illustrated BOOKLET this time around, with all the artwork by the MARVELLOUS Mr John Allison, which looks BLOODY GORGEOUS. The reason I'm thinking about all this today is that i spent large chunks of yesterday doing final (ish) revisions to it. MUCH of this involved me re-re-re-writing the sleevenotes, of which there are MANY. I tried to tell the ENTIRE story of how it all came to be, including all various stage versions and the secret story of its first beginnings, so it's involved loads of re-writes to get it down to a) a manageable length b) not be a rambling BORE, but i think I've got it there now, on the former if not the latter.

It's still got to get the go ahead from The Vlads and ESPECIALLY The Text In My Article (who steps in at this stage with MAD SKILLZ of CHECKING) but once that's done, all that remains is to get a QUOTE and a new copy of the Album Master with Adjusted Volumes and then... YIKES! Then it's off to the Factory, and we get very close to the album EXISTING! YOINKS!!

posted 14/9/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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