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Blog: Playback Party

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Have I mentioned that we've nearly finished the new album? At all?

If you think I have been OVER MENTIONING it here then I would refer you to OUR HOUSE where I have been going ON and ON about it NON-STOP since FOREVER. Still, however, The Landlady and The Fruit In My Fridge appear to still be able to put up with it, for LO! the other night The Landlady suggested that we have a Big Listening Session - or PLAYBACK, as they call it in the Music "Industry" - where we all sit down and listen to the whole thing in one go.

We all got a bit excited about this idea, and many preparations were made. On Wednesday afternoon I set the front room up, moving my big stereo in, using some of the (many many many) boxes of unsold copies of Forest Moon Of Enderby (which, by the way, be seeing MASSIVE PRICE REDUCTIONS in a couple of weeks when i do a SALE!) as Speaker Stands and decorating the scene with Dinosaurs, including Mr Squish sat on top of the CD player. The Crisps In My Bowl set to work on Thursday making a BUFFET too, and just after eight o'clock we all settled in with GRUB and BOOZE for a right proper listen.

COR! It was right good fun - these days I only seem to listen to music on the tube, or while doing something else, so JUST concentrating like this was AMAZING, especially with something like this where there's SO MUCH to hear. Listening to it like that made me realise just how much WORK has gone into it - like the scene where Terry goes round to Grandad's house, and you go from a car pulling up outside a house with a massive battle in the background, running down the drive, banging on the door then going inside and ... well, you'll be able to hear what I mean soon enough but GOODNESS ME there is a lot! Also remembering that, for MOST scenes, different lines of dialogue were recorded in entirely different CITIES several months apart, and yet it still pretty much working. CRIKEY!

The general idea was just to ENJOY it but at the end we agreed that there were just a COUPLE of tiny little bits we could change, and this afternoon I amalgamated these into similar lists that The Validators had emailed me, sending the LOT off to SNUG for a final final No Really I Mean It This Time FINAL copy of the Actual Album. This is just one more tiny STEP on the way to getting it all finished, but as it's one of the LAST ones it feels quite exciting!

I'm off on my HOLIDAYS tomorrow, but will be back on Thursday, when I'm going to sit myself down and work out ANOTHER bit of finality - our PR DEPARTMENT had a look at the sleevenotes yesterday too, so those need a bit of a going over, and there's a couple of small changes to the general artwork to agree, but BLIMEY! Once THOSE are done, and the final CD is recieved, I do believe that it will be time to send the whole lot to the FACTORY!

To coin a phrase, ladies and gentleman: here come the dinosaurs!

posted 16/9/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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