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Blog: Efficient Stock Management Is The New Rock and Roll

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You find me this afternoon a bit BOGGLED EYED because I have been up to my neck in ROCK ADMIN, most eye bogglingly that wonderful past time STICKING LABELS.

As anyone involved in small scale indie record promotion will know, this is the JOYFUL part of the RELEASE CYCLE where you sit down with four sheets of STICKY LABELS and 100 Jiffy Bags, trying to MARRY the two together whilst maintaining the SORT ORDER of the former so that when you come to do the letters and press releases that go with them you won't end up sending a letter to, say, XFM saying how GRATE you think Absolute Radio is. And vica versa.

I've done them all now and, when added to all the OTHER things I've been packing today, the STUDY looks rather exciting. There's a huge pile of envelopes ready packed with T-SHIRTS for cast members too, which has forced me to set up an entire STOCK MANAGEMENT system. One of the reasons we haven't had any t-shirts for sale for YEARS is because managing them was such a gigantic PAIN. I used to try and keep them in seperate carrier bags on a shelf, but was never sure how many I had or if there were some SPARE somewhere - at one point I had about three times more XL shirts than I needed because we'd left some at Tiger Towers after a gig - and trying to work out how many I needed whenever I re-ordered made me CRY TEARS OF AGONY.

This time, however, I have set up a homemade stock management TOOL on my computer AND made some lovely BOXES to keep the different sizes in. Ooh, it looks right lovely - I know the whole thing will probably COLLAPSE once we start flogging them at gigs but still, for now there is a feeling of deep satisfaction in knowing that everything is READY. It's this sort of thing that the likes of M.Jagger and B.Springsteen miss out on by having LACKEYS to do it all for them.

In other news the new Dinosaur Planet website is pretty much finished and later this week I'm getting the press releases printed out ready for the MASSIVE promotional mailing list. Everything is pretty much ready to LAUNCH - all I really need now is the ACTUAL ALBUMS THEMSELVES! NGG! Come on, this time next week, get here QUICKER!

posted 19/10/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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Ah, I still remember receiving John Kennedy's copy of This Is Not A Library...
posted 19/10/2011 by John Kell

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