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Blog: Moon Horse in Cardiff

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So, with all the TUMULT of CD Manufacturing still ongoing, I met Steve at Paddington yesterday afternoon and set off for Cardiff to kick off the Moon Horse TOUR. I had two hours of a) negotiating recovery of the albums b) reading Caitlin Moran's book, which is GRATE. I don't necessarily agree with EVERYTHING she says, but GOSH she is funny saying it, and it's so INFORMATIVE - Festival Wees! I had no idea!

We also had a HALF in the Surprisingly Nice Upstairs Pub at the station, which helped CALM one down, and we arrived in Cardiff in good spirits. We managed to get slightly lost in the station itself, but soon found our way to the Ibis for the traditional pre-gig Hour Watching Whatever's On Telly Then. Sometimes I manage to watch an episode of The Simpsons when I'm NOT out doing gigs, but it feels WRONG!

Steve was in the next room to me. I closed the door of my room, stepped to my right, and Steve opened the door into THE EXACT SAME ROOM. Now, i KNOW that Ibis rooms are ALL the same - it's something I ENJOY about staying there - but this really freaked me out!

Anyway, we set off the venue, Gwdihw, and arrived less than 60 seconds later as it is, quite literally, just over the road. Mrs S Hodgkiss was already there and we were soon joined by Mr I Hodgkiss and the four of us set off round the corner for our traditional visit to Weatherspoons - NOTE i would not NORMALLY do this, but it IS just round the corner and you CAN have a proper TEA there. They'd just had a beer festival so it was all LEFTOVERS on tap, most of which were BLACK beers. I had a VERY nice pint of Porter, it was lovely!

We headed back to find the room gently filling, and our worries gently emerging. Yes, we'd had ONE practice this week, but we hadn't got round to doing our usual LINES practice on the train, and had since had some TASTY BEER. Would we be able to actually DO this thing, especially to people who, it appeared, had not necessarily come to see US?

As it turned out, YES, YES we COULD! I warned people beforehand that we'd had a BEER and, as usual, being slightly TWINKLY only seemed to ADD to the fun and, also as usual, I found myself having a Genuine LARF at several points as various occurences occurred. It was really REALLY good fun, and we staggered off stage WORN OUT but full of JOY.

It was just what was REQUIRED after a day of STRESS and we had a lovely little time chatting and having a BEER REWARD afterwards before taking the minute long HIKE back to the hotel. Things weren't QUITE as delightful a mere few hours later when we had to get up and get out for the 08.25 train, but apart from that it had been a SMASHING first outing for the tour, giving hope that the remaining tour dates will be JUST as much fun!

posted 28/10/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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