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Blog: Christmas Is Coming

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Ooh, it's ever so Christmassy round our way at the moment as, like some SUPER ORGANISED who wishes to spend December DRUNK (hem hem), we are getting all our preparations done EARLY.

Yesterday, for instance, I spent a happy hour or so recording my version of A Popular Christmas Classic ready for the traditional Joyzine advent calendar. As ever when recording at home I looked forward most of all to recording the BASS part, and GOODNESS ME but I came up with something RIGHT complicated. It was in fact SO COMPLICATED that I didn't really understand how it WORKED, so ended up having to have several goes at it in the hope that my fingers would ACCIDENTALLY play it. Eventually they did, but CRUMBS it didn't half hurt!

Later in the evening I sat down with The Tinsel In My Tree to get her to record some backing vocals, which was ACE - we did FOUR TRACKS so it sounds like a CHOIR. It was so GRATE that I really have to go back and re-do MY vocals to bring them up to scratch... which, all right, is not necessarily a rare thing, but STILL, it sounds FAB, and should be available to listen to sometime in DECEMBER.

As should our OTHER Christmas song, "Thank Goodness For Christmas", which is going to be a full VALIDATORS track and available as part of the Fika Recordings Advent Calendar. I've done a very rough demo - in fact I did TWO very rough demoes, the second in a different key at a slower pace with an extra BIT in, GUIDED thus by Mr F A Machine in his role of Music Editor - and over the next few days the Vlads are going to record their own sections. There probably WON'T be a video for it this time around - we're a LITTLE bit too busy with Dinosaur Planet, to be honest - but I think it will make an HANDSOME addition to our festive portfolio.

That isn't the only bit of Validators' Christmas currently ongoing, however. We are currently EMBROILED in FEIRCE COMPETITION to write a Christmas Poem - yes, it is the OLD OLD STORY that ALL bands surely go through, ending up at each other's throats over who has written the best YULETIDE RHYME. The reason for this lyrical outporing is that we NEED a poem to go in our CHRISTMAS CARDS!

Yes! Christmas Cards! Mr John Allison has designed us a MAGNIFICENT Christmas Card which we'll be getting made in the next couple of weeks. The Serious Business Idea was to use this as a Promotional Device (it is a DINOSAUR Christmas Card!) to go along with the album BUT I'm intending to use it for all my OWN Christmas Cards this year and hopefully Vlads will too. We'll be giving some to cast members too, but then I'm hoping to be able to put a few up for sale in the SHOP too, in case anyone wishes to join our Dinosaur-Based Merriment!

I'll show you what they look like once the cards are ordered, by which time we may even be into ADVENT itself and then it is the gentle tiddly wobble down CHRISTMAS HILL to YULE TOWN when... er.. I get to watch the Doctor Who Christmas Special. Hark! Is that Santa's Sleigh coming oe'er the hill? It must be nearly (ish) Christmas!

posted 10/11/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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