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Blog: Third Time Lucky

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After a weekend of much COGITATION and WORRY I decided on a new company to ENTRUST the manufacture of the 'Dinosaur Planet' album too, and emailed them the FACTS. I was very impressed to find an email back from them first thing Monday morning, and by lunchtime I had not only PAID them and sent ARTWORK, but had arranged to go off to their offices in CAMDEN to hand over the AUDIO files. Things were moving FAST!

As I strode through Caaaamden towards their offices I was struck with memories of the last time I'd visited their offices, nearly nine years ago when I'd first moved to London and we were getting This Is Not A Library made. As I recalled this I was suddenly gripped with PANIC: that was AGES ago. If they were so GOOD why did I stop using them? Had something gone HORRIFICALLY wrong?

Just as I arrived I remembered - our next proper album had been a DIGIPACK, which they hadn't been able to do, I think. I went upstairs and met David, our new PLANNER. Everything looked PROPER and PROFESSIONAL but still PLEASANT - he was just sending me the proofs for approval, and when he explained what was happening i NOTED that he used The Proper Terms for things (CMYK and all that) but then happily explained what he meant when there were bits i didn't understand i.e. THE RIGHT WAY of doing things. There were questions about the onbody artwork, which their Artwork Person explained, and all in all I felt CONFIDENT that they were going to do things CORRECTLY.

This feeling was enhanced TWICE. Firstly when I asked if maybe they hadn't been able to do digipacks last time and he said "That sounds right - we wouldn't have had a reliable dealer. We have SEVERAL now!" and then when we talked about delivery dates. I'd told them it would be NICE if there was a chance of getting them BEFORE Germany, but I'd rather take the time to get it right than risk it going wrong. "We've had so many problems..." i said. "You won't with US!" he immediately replied, PROUD of his FINE COMPANY.

It was all i could do to stop myself from HUGGING him.

I left feeling REASSURED and, as I type, have just sent final approval for the artwork. I have EVERYTHING crossable CROSSED in the hope that it goes through without problems this time. I'm tempted to start HOPING for it to be with us in time to take to Germany, but really what I want is to have it DONE so i can finally SEND them to people. As SOON as they're ready, you'll hear it here - and hopefully before Christmas!

posted 22/11/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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A new album, can't wait.
posted 24/11/2011 by Pete

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