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Blog: Christmas Commences

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Goodness me but I had a busy day yesterday, combining the two traditional elements of the season: CHRISTMAS and PROMOTIONAL AGENDAS.

For LO! I spent an Actually Quite Pleasant couple of hours sat in the kitchen watching Strictly Come... er... I mean, POLITICAL DOCUMENTARIES what I had taped, while doing the Promotional Christmas Cards. It took AGES - there's over a hundred names on the list (basically all the UK-based types who'll be getting copies of the album next year) and each one needed a sticker with details of their review download, some WRITING, then putting in the right envelope with the right address label, a STAMP and my Return Address stamp on the back. It was a LOT to get through - I must admit I was harbouring lingering worries about using CHRISTMAS CARDS in such a self-promoting way - I wonder if curry houses go through the same Moral Doubt every year?

I also spent quite a whilepacking up PACKS of Christmas Cards which people had bought - I wasn't sure how these would go down, but we had quite a RUSH on them after the newsletter went out and there's only a few left now - so if you'd LIKE to send Dinosaur Christmas Cards this year, do get in quick. They look BEAUTIFUL, especially when packed up with the envelopes and TENDERLY STICKERED into bags. If only I could find a way to do this sort of thing for PROFIT I think I would drive headlong into a career in Gift Stationary!

And while all THAT was going on there was even MORE Christmas, as the Joyzine Advent Calendar got started and, oh, who's that behind door one? Why, it's ME - ably supported by The Baubles On My Tree, doing our EXTRA FESTIVE version of "Walking In A Winter Wonderland". By heck we had some fun doing this one, I hope you like it - as soon as our OTHER Advent Calendar Contribution appears on the Fika Calendar I'll be adding them BOTH to the Christmas Selection Box, there to keep them for THE AGES.

It really is beginning to feel a bit like Christmas isn't it? Tomorrow we get our Christmas Tree, and which point I think it will be time to get out THE BOB DYLAN CHRISTMAS ALBUM! Merry Christmas, one and all!

posted 2/12/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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