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Blog: Thank Goodness For Christmas

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The Christmasiness keeps on coming today, as we have our second (and final) Christmas Advent Calendar appearance on the Fika Recordings/ Mr D Hayman collection Christmas In Haworth. Our song is Thank Goodness For Christmas which we wrote and performed ESPECIALLY for it.

This will, of course, become an OFFICIAL part of The Christmas Selection Box in time, but for now I've added both songs as a SECRET (not that secret, it just means they're not listed) FREE EXTRA on the download, so if you get it this year there'll be EIGHT Validators' Christmas songs on it. EIGHT! Only a few more years and we'll be ready to rival THE BEST CHRISTMAS ALBUM EVER (i.e. 'Christmas In The Heart' by Mr B Dylan)!

Also also, do have a listen to some of the rest of the tracks on that calendar - there's loads of other good stuff on it, and all kinds of people I know from other parishes seem to be turning up on it, with Mr G Osborn the other day and I believe soon Mr J Mellin will be making an appearance. Old acquaintances turning up out of the blue? What could be MORE Christmassy?

posted 6/12/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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