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Blog: Here Come The Dinosaurs

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I've just got back from the Post Office, where I spent a happy 15 minutes sticking stamps onto a huge pile of envelopes, for LO! The first batch of Dinosaur Planet albums and t-shirts have gone in the post!

I was very glad to get them sent out - as you may have noticed from me CONSTANTLY BANGING ON ABOUT IT, it has been quite a lengthy process getting to Actual Album Status, especially in the last few months when I have been SORELY TESTED by Manufacturers, so the very IDEA of people actually being able to BUY them has felt like a KRAZY FANTASY at times. I've had a lovely time today filling orders, writing notes, printing labels and so on, and the fact that I've checked and re-checked everything about five times each (in the words of The Lovely Eggs, "well, you've got to check") made the final posting all the MORE satisfactory.

There's still HUGE piles of albums and t-shirts left, so do please wander over for a look. The OFFICIAL release day is 23rd January, which is when there'll be in the shops and when we'll be trying to get PUBLICITY going, so for now this is pretty much going out to people who already know of us, which means that when - SURELY INEVITABLY - the entire WORLD catches on to the album, you'll be able to say "Dinosaur Planet? Oh yeah. I got that LAST year daddio. Groove on!"

And who would want to deny themselves THAT pleasure, right kids?

posted 14/12/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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