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Unusually for me I seem to have managed NOT to make a ginormous fuss about something I've done that I think is rather good. What the HECK is wrong with me?!?!

So let's rectify that - for LO! I have done a songbook AND a full script for the ENTIRE Dinosaur Planet album!

The script is meant to look like the editions of Shakespeare we used to have when I was in school - because, let's face it, if Shakespeare was around today he'd TOTALLY be writing rock operas about Space Dinosaurs, right? Wouldn't he though, in a very real sense? It's got THE LOT in in so hey! Why not invite friends and families around for a fondue or something and read it out together? FUN!

The one I'm MOST proud of though is the songbook, ESPECIALLY the introduction by Captain Keith. I know it's wrong and I wrote it but it STILL makes me laugh, and the bit about "if ye need any more [chords] ye be doing it wrong!" is pretty much my MOTTO FOR LIFE. It's got chord diagrams and EVERYTHING, as well as some pictures from the recording process, and I'd really really like to think that some YOUNG PERSON somewhere will one day learn to play the GUITAR through learning those songs.

Then they would be as good at GUITAR as what I am! Imagine THAT!

Both these resources are FREE also, in case you were worried - I was originally going to put them on the actual CDs as EXTRAS, but thought they might reach a few more people this way. Go on, have a look, they're lovely!

posted 3/2/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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