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Yesterday one of those wonderful things happened that you think only happen in DREAMS. Something so special, so wondrous, that even to consider the possibility it might happen is to JINX it forever.

For LO! Over the weekend there was a LEAK in the roof of our new offices and we got emails telling us to stay at home on Monday! HOSANNA and GLORY BE!

Things could have changed completely later in the day, when the postman came, bringing with him this month's Word Magazine. Now, i LOVE Word Magazine, it is the ONLY music magazine I ever both to even LOOK at these days (yes, even when I'm in Smiths at the station and I've got 20 minutes until my train - then i look at SFX!), and I have very happily subscribed for YEARS. I like the way it is ACCEPTING of being a ... slightly more MATURE music lover, but without spending TOO much time getting on the one hand overly GRUMPY or on the other going "Oh, the modern pop, I understand it and am down with THE KIDS." It does do BOTH these on occasion, obviously, but is always LEAVENED OUT by HUMOUR and JOY. It's good!

However, I was DREADING this month's copy arriving, for LO! I had sent them REVIEW COPIES of Dinosaur Planet and so was GIRDING myself for disappointment. THIS part of the Album Cycle is HORRID for DISAPPOINTMENT, as you spend the whole month (or longer) leafing through magazines in the forlorn hope of a review. Many is the time I have thought when reading alphabetically arranged reviews "Maybe... maybe they've put us under 'V' for Validators?" knowing full well that this has NEVER happened.

So you can imagine my GLEE when I flicked through, pre-GLOOMED, and almost immediately saw the album cover SMILING back at us out of the page! Here's what I saw:

My GLEE was almost immediately replaced by FEAR: this could actually be WORSE! Not appearing in magazines is something I have spent almost my entire LIFE doing, on a day to day basis, but what if Mr D Hepworth was HORRID about it? I read TREPIDATIOUSLY, only to find that ... well, he didn't say "It is the most best album EVER!" but I think it's pretty good, and am indeed ALREADY using "You have to admire their nerve" as a PULL QUOTE. It's brilliant to think that fellow subscribers are already seeing it, and that NON-SUBSCRIBERS will have it tomorrow, especially with that nice slab of ARTWORK at the top of the page.

It really rather cheered me up, as the Promotional Campaign has felt a little SLOW of late, with a variety of places that I thought might cover it not having done so yet. I'm going to MAIL them tomorrow, i reckon, and say "Look! We're in THE WORD! and also SFX! Pull your finger out and put us in YOUR periodical/blog/radio playlist too!"

I bet that TOTALLY works - when I win PR Campaign of the YEAR 2012 you will know when the good times got going: RIGHT HERE!

posted 7/2/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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