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Blog: Video Good Times

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When I came up with the idea for the A Little Bit Video PLAN last week i was slightly AFEARED about how it would work. Would people, I wonder, be BOTHERED to do it? And if they did, would they GET the idea, or would it all go horribly wrong, to the extent that I would EITHER have to put something rubbish together OR just try and pretend it had never happened?

As it turns out, I need not have worried, for LO! I already have about two thirds of the clips in and it's looking AMAZING. Every day my inbox has recieved several nuggets of DELIGHT as people all over the world lend me their time and CREATIVITY to film a line of the song. We've got costumes and models and ACTING and all sorts of things going on - it's going to look WONDERFUL!

We do still have a COUPLE of spaces left, and it would be LOVELY to get them filmed, as if we don't I'm going to have to do some CHEZ NOUS and/or LEAN on some people, but either way it looks like it's going to be completed pretty much ON TIME. I'm thinking I might Officially Release it at the end of the month, with the next newsletter, to give it a big BOOST.

While we wait for that to get done, however, there is ANOTHER video I would like to draw your attention to. Like most midly soppy UK interweb users I spent much of Monday night going "Aaaah! Watch it AGANE!" as we looked at the YouTube footage of The Anfield Cat. Poor old The Americans - so much money spent on Madonna at Superbowl, yet we got TEN TIMES the GLAMOUR and JOY from a stray moggy in Liverpool!

It was a DELIGHTFUL moment which put me in mind of the Half Man Half Biscuit song Even Men With Steel Hearts Love To See A Dog On The Pitch because, as the song says, "It generates a warmth around the ground that augurs well for mankind". INDEED IT DOES.

I thus spent much of yesterday HUMMING the tune to myself... until THIS appeared in my TWITSTREAM:

It's an Anfield Cat HOMAGE by long-term COLLEAGUE in ROCK Mr Vom Vorton, which he's done as part of February Album Writing Month. Quite apart from being an ACE song I think it's EXACTLY what FAWM should be about - taking something that's happening there and then and RUNNING with it to make something DELIGHTFUL, at HIGH SPEED, that you probably wouldn't normally bother with. It's kind of like FOLK MUSIC or REPORTAGE, while remaining FUN. I recommend it to you HIGHLY!

posted 8/2/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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Hooray, thanks! I'm very pleased that you enjoyed it. I haven't heard that HMHB song (don't they have a LOT OF SONGS?) but I shall check it out later. It is indeed a heartwarming subject! I am also pleased to report that I have a very APT "spambot filter" question!
posted 8/2/2012 by Vom

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