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Halfway through Rennaisance Week saw no let up in the activity yesterday, as I spent much of my day TOILING away on the video for "A Little Bit". I'd got all of the clips in and so just needed to film a little bit of ME before joining it all together... and then re-doing it... and then re-re-doing it, and so on. It looks GORGEOUS, but every time I look at it I spot a tiny bit that needs changing, or a PERFORMANCE that is slightly out of sync with the music track. This last bit is especially prevalent as the final sequence features twenty five seperate clips all playing along at the same time, and every time i minutely alter ONE of them it seems to send TWO others out!

I've got a proper DAY OFF tomorrow for a) a LIE-IN after tonight's POPFEST excitement and b) a concerted effort to finish it off, so we should be ready WELL in time for the offical launch next Wednesday 29th. I can't WAIT to show it off, it really is a thing of beauty!

Talking of Popfest I also managed to squeeze in a PRACTICE - for the first time in AGES I'm doing a Normal Gig, which means i can do the songs I'd "normally" do at normal gigs... the only problem is remembering what that actually MEANS! I went through some Dinosaur Planet songs and a few of the "hits", so it should be fun.

I'm really looking forward to it, tho AM becoming a bit confused. I was PLANNING my set yesterday while involved in various wavelets of post-Bright Club messages of congratulation and thanks between various people, and ALSO a few more from The Event, which suddenly feels like a LONG time ago. And on top of all that, people have started to get geared up for the Leicester Popfest, which is happening NEXT month!!

It was all rather a lot of my poor old BRANE to cope with, but luckily I had a couple of DELIGHTFUL tasks to take my mind off it - compiling photographs for the PICTURE ROUND or the Pop Quiz on Sunday (starts about 1pm in The Lexington, it's going to be ACE!) and making myself a special PROP for the start of my set tonight. There was tin foil, pritt-stick, cardboard cut-outs and ALL SORTS going on and the results are rather WONDERFUL - I'm on at 7.45pm, so get there early if you want to see what I'm on about. It will almost definitely probably be worth your while!

posted 23/2/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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