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Ages ago, when I FINALLY got the finished copies of Dinosaur Planet back from the manufacturers, I sent out a batch of copies in a Karma Offsetting Exercies i.e. I sent some to people I don't really know but LIKE and/or ADMIRE to make up for the huge mound of copies I was having to send out to JOURNALISTS who probably would (and, mostly, DID) ignore it completely.

One of these was the mighty Mr Chris Sims, whose Invincible Superblog I have been reading for AGES and whose current work in Comics Alliance i PARTICULARLy enjoy. He writes about comics, and likes the same sort of things I tend to go for i.e. the EXCITINGLY AWESOME, the GRATE, and the PROPER. I thought he might enjoy Dinosaur Planet for these same reasons, and by GOLLY it turns out I was right, as at the end of last week a mighty RAVE of a review appeared on their website, calling it "the greatest story (about space-faring dinosaurs) ever told (in a rock opera)". HOORAH!

Later on in the day the excitement grew FURTHER when a quick bout of GOOGLING revealed that we had been listed in TV Tropes. For those who don't know, TV Tropes is an EXCELLENT website that lists all the TROPES (or themes, ideas, CLICHES) that appear in all manner of media. It's the sort of place you can start looking at one lunchtime and suddenly find your whole afternoon disappearing and you dig deeper into the FASCINATING, but also DELIGHTFULLY WRITTEN, analysis, so I was HONOURED to find us appearing there, especially when the article is so well researched, picking up all sorts of things that I've always hope people would pick up on. It made me VERY happy!

And then on SUNDAY i noticed a sudden upsurge in sales on our bandcamp page as well and views for our Theme from Dinosaur Planet video. MORE googling showed, to my enormous GLEE, that we had been featured on one of THE big Sci-fi webpages. Over the past couple of weeks I've been looking at them to see who, if anyone, might be interested in a copy of the album, so was DELIGHTED to find someone had picked it up of their own VOLITION.

Since then I've noticed it popping up in various other places, and I've even been asked to do an interview about the album for ANOTHER sci-fi website! It's all VERY exciting and feels like Dinosaur Planet is starting to get OUT to people in the wider world who might ENJOY it. This is, to my mind, a VERY good thing INDEED!!

posted 27/2/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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