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Blog: One Man PR Machine

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It's been quite an exciting few days on the PR front. After all the excitement of Theme From Dinosaur Planet being in io9 and Comics Alliance, the week ended with the A Little Bit video whizzing about all over the TWITTERSPHERE. Various RESEARCH sites, including Research Fortnight, Sage Methods and, most excitingly for an OLD HAND like me, The Medical Research Council (!) retweeted a link to it, as did loads of Top Twitterers like Robin Ince and Simon Singh.

It didn't come out of the blue - I spent a good couple of hours diligently SPAMMING... sorry, gently informing people about it - but I was VERY pleased with these results. The song is ABOUT collaborative research so I was excited to think that those ENGAGED in it were getting to hear the song.

INTERESTINGLY, after all this marvellous covergae, the video itself wasn't getting that many extra views. It's speeding up a bit now, so it may just have been YouTube being slow to update, but I find the link between TYPES of sites mentioning the video and the RESULTS rather FASCINATING. As I keep saying to anyone who'll listen, when we get mentioned on a MUSIC site pretty much nothing happens, but when it's somewhere more GEEKY then SALES, INTEREST, and requests for Other Stuff pretty much ALWAYS ensue. As I say, A Little Bit HAS picked up quite a few more views over the weekend, so maybe RESEARCHERS have to wait until they get home before they can look at Amusing Videos, whereas Geeky Types have their headphones in at work and can do what they like?

I'm THOROUGHLY enjoying all this anyway, and am FULL of plans for further Media ATAK. As I type this morning there's ideas for at least THREE more videos going round Camp Validator, and I'm gearing up for a major assualt on The Women's Magazine Market. We're going to try and interest them (and newspapers, and blogs) in the FACT that CHILDREN seem to be enjoying the album as much, if not MORE, than their parents. Ever since Dinosaur Planet came out i've had emails from people saying how much their kids like it, and the latest video is FULL of young people, so I'm going to have a go at making it a FEATURE about Indie Parents FINALLY finding a record that they can share with their children.

If anyone's IMMEDIATELY TANTALISED by that idea do let me know, otherwise HOLD TIGHT as it's BOUND to be hitting the PRESS very soon. Eee, it's like MAD MEN around here - someone make me a COCKTAIL!

posted 5/3/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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