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Blog: Podcasting Man

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I spent a large proportion of this weekend on PODCASTING. My EARS are now petitioning for a rest for the remainder of this week!

The first big job was to sort out the latest Totally Acoustic Podcast. I was a bit worried about how I was going to do this - the four track had only taped the first TWO of my songs and Rebekah had asked not to be recorded, so I didn't think I was going to have ENOUGH to make a reasonable podcast. However, the two songs of mine that HAD been recorded were ones that hadn't been on before, and Peter Buckley Hill... well, he did do an HOUR on the night itself and there was PLENTY to choose from, so all in all it made for a rather BIJOU 22 minutes of High Quality Musical ACTION!

I'd actually started listening through some old recordings with an idea to include some unbroadcast EXTRAS to PUMP IT UP, but they ended up being unnecessary. It did give me a GLIMPSE into the FUTURE tho - I'm intending to do a End Of Season FINALE again featuring extra tracks from this entire run, and so far it's sounding GRATE!

With this succesfully uploaded and available to listen to NOW I moved on to finishing off the podcast serial of MOON HORSE. After much dithering and worrying I've FINALLY decided, in consultation with my colleagie Mr S Hewitt, to start broadcasting this NEXT week, with the first two episodes out together. Episodes 3 and 4 will then follow on a weekly basis, and then at the END of it all there'll be a full length version of the whole thing together as a Pay What You Like Download.

It's taken me a while to finish it as I keep forgetting to EDIT and just LARF at it - it's based on the Leicester Comedy Festival shows, which were two of the best we ever did, so there are a LOT of LARFS! I also spent perhaps more time than it warranted doing the "end credits", which feature ME doing a BBC VOICE over the top of a specially recorded HOME ORGAN version of the theme tune. It may well end up being worth buying the full length version of the show just to avoid THAT!

So yes, Moon Horse starts broadcasting a week today - stand by your INTERWEB for further information!

posted 12/3/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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