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I'm still a bit worn out and FREAKED out by the whole Hull Gig Extravaganza, and am feeling prone to staring blankly into face smiling DAFTLY and mouthing the word "tree". ALSO am shagged out due to becoming UNUSED to getting less than eight hours sleep a night - oh, the DECADENCE of domestic bliss! It all seems to have led me to forget to mention an Interesting Fact that Tim REVEALED to me on the way home - we were discussing plans for the new album, and we getting quite excited about a) us all going away for a long weekend to record it and b) possibly WRITING new stuff whilst there, when Tim suddenly said "What about getting some keyboards?"

Now, I'd thought about that before, and indeed have often said that if we ever DID get anybody else into the band it would be to do some keyboards so we could replicate some of Rob and Tom's EXTRA instrumentation in a live arena and/or get some PIANO-esque stuff involved. HOWEVER I really really really like this line-up of The Validators and would be LOATHE to risk it getting wobbly by getting someone else in, and anyway a new person would need to learn the songs and that. "Hmm", i said, ENIGMATICALLY, "did you have anybody in mind?"

It turns out Emma is an PIANO EXPERT! Why does nobody ever TELL me things like that? Eh? So baton down the hatches, listeners of the future - PIANO BALLADS AHOY!

posted 14/10/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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