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Blog: Doing It For The Kids

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Over the past few months MANY people have asked whether we have Dinosaur Planet t-shirts in kids sizes. I've always said "no", because I've got SO MANY of the adult size ones left that I didn't want to have to start renting a garage in order to store all the different children's sizes too.

HOWEVER. I gradually realised I was behaving like a character in a Two Ronnies Sketch ("No, we don't stock them - people keep on asking, but there isn't the demand") and my mind was fully changed the other week when Mr S Hewitt asked, pointing out that I could always do them on pre-order.

And so, for a limited time only, that is exactly what I'm doing! If you wander over to the Dinosaur Planet SHOP you'll see that we now stock pretty much ALL sizes of kids' t-shirts, available to pre-order RIGHT NOW. The plan is that I'll take pre-orders up to Monday July 2nd and then send off for a big BATCH of them, so anybody who buys them should have them by mid to late July. I'm doing a cut-off point just so i don't go KRAZY with worry about it all, as I've not done one like this before.

Hope that all makes sense to everybody - get in touch if you have any queries, and HAPPY SHOPPING!

posted 6/6/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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