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Blog: Last Call For Kids T-Shirts

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I've just sent out a batch of semi-automated emails (I generate them OLD SKOOL using MailMerge in Word then copy and paste them into individual emails myself - THIS is how i ROLL!) to people who've ordered Dinosaur Planet t-shirts in kids' sizes. I'm INTENSELY NERVOUS about the whole enterprise, as I've accepted CA$H from people before I have an actually item to give them, so am PANICKING about getting the WRONG thing and/or sending it to the wrong place, HENCE checks to make sure i have both of the above CORRECT.

The TERRIFYING experience reminds me, once again, why I don't think I'll ever do a Kickstarter Thing - imagine getting a load of money in for something you haven't even DONE! I'm amazed anybody can DELIVER these things without collapsing into a nervous WRECK! At least this way round I know what the t-shirts LOOK like. I'm sat wearing one today, in fact, so that if i have DOUBTS I can look down and think "No, they DO look nice, it's going to be FINE."

I'm going to send off the order first thing tomorrow morning and so will be REMOVING the order from the webpages last thing tonight. THUS, if you would like to order t-shirts for any children of your acquaintance, do please GET IN QUICK!

posted 2/7/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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If you're wearing a kid's t-shirt, it's going to be a bit too big for the kids. Not sure you've thought this one through.
posted 2/7/2012 by Derek

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