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Blog: Hibbett In Flight

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It has been a weekend of non-stop action and HIJINKS - if you think Andy Murray looks KNACKERED, he is a veritably Spring Chicken compared to my WORN, yet HAPPY face.

On Saturday we welcomed The Pattisons to our house - they're here for a few days for Olympic Excitements VARIOUS, and we got them all set up in our front room before escorting them to the tube, and thence to LONDON. Once they were safely despatched i headed to glamorous TOTTENHAM for another Dinosaur Planet practice. I must say it seems to be going TERRIBLY well, and we BOTH a) expressed then b) dutifully REPRESSED the idea that we don't really NEED so many rehearsals. Two more to go before the GIGS commence in Camden and Croydon, then we're off to Green Man. EEK!

As I said the other day, one forgets quite how EXHAUSTING it is to LEAP AROUND singing about Dinosaurs whilst wearing FULL FACE MASKS and, especially in my case, a MASSIVE WIG. I seem to be spending more than half of the whole show wearing General Muriel's WIG and HAT this time - surely it wasn't so prevalent in the original version?

Then it was back home to set up the kitchen ready for the return of our guests and a BIG TEA full of BOOZE and WATCHING OLYMPICS. Man ALIVE what an evening of telly that was - Jess! Mo! The Jumping Man! All evening I kept thinking "But it's only a mile or two down the road! From HERE!"

During Jess Ennis' medal ceremony Miss Edie Pattison came by the kitchen and saw myself, her parents, and The Person On My Podium all STOOD TO ATTENTION for the National Anthem. I like to think it will leave a lasting impression on her vis ADULT BEHAVIOUR.

Next day we went off to Victoria Park, where we went through some simultaneously strict yet half-arsed security. Bags we checked and we were FRISKED in a way I've never been FRISKED before, and THEN whizzed all over with a magnet wand thing. HOWEVER, before that I'd put my keys phones etc in my jacket and put THAT in an Airport Tray. Normally they put THAT through the x-ray machine, this time I just put it back on and wandered off. SURELY this is what we call a Possible Security Hole?

Anyway, we got on-site, found a spot in front of a big screen and for the first time in my life I a) watched b) enjoyed an entire game of TENNIS. When Andy Murry FINALLY WON the entire PARK was on its feet cheering, shortly following by everyone in TEARS when he hugged that little lad, then LARFING 2 seconds later when the aforesaid young boy expressed ALL of our relief. It was LOVELY!

Upon arriving I'd been for a bit of a stroll round the site, and noted that the ZIP LINE was working, which B.Johnson had famously got stuck on the week before. THUS while we waited for the mixed doubles to get going I thought I might as well have a go. We'd all had a DRINK, I was feeling pretty EXCITED, so why not? I paid my fifteen quid and QUEUED, with Tim stood by as my SECOND.

It took about half an hour to get to the front of the queue then ANOTHER Young Man MANHANDLED me as I got into my harness. "Grab your balls", he said, "You don't want to get them caught". I DID NOT.

I clambered up the HUGE TOWER and queued for another ten minutes with another bunch of people who were thinking "Hang on, what? This seemed like a good idea before." I got hooked onto a big wire and stood on the very edge of the HUGE TOWER looking down. I'd been thinking how odd it was not to be TERRIFIED, then got about 30 seconds of FEAR: I was about to LEAP off the HUGE TOWER, it was a LONG WAY DOWN!

But then I lifted my legs up and SWOOSH! I was FLYING! And it was LOVELY!! It was 30 seconds or so of going ZOOM and WAVING at people, and then that was it over - it was BLOODY GRATE!

I BRAVELY strode away to find Tim FILMING me, and we returned to the group for some BEER and to watch MORE TENNIS. I liked the fact that they played TWO sets and then said "Oh sod it, let's do a tie-break then we can go home." MORE tennis should be like that - in fact, why not just do a first to ten? MUCH quicker.

On the way home I joined in a WEIRD VOICE competition with Miss E and Miss L Pattison (I WON) and after a brief dumping of GEAR we headed round the corner from our house for a CURRY. I got to our local curry house a couple of times a month to pick up takeaway, but haven't been there to eat-in for about eight YEARS. I should do so more often - it was FUN and we didn't have to wash up at ALL!

Back home we rewound the telly and watched the 100m a couple of times before heading to BED, TIRED but JOLLY. And now it's Monday morning and I appear to be at WORK. How can that be right? MORE OLYMPICS please, and MORE JAPES!

posted 6/8/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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RE: "You don't want to get them caught". I DID NOT. (which made me LOL)
posted 8/8/2012 by Tim Eveleigh

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