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Blog: Chris T-T and Meryl Streep

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The Com In My RomCom and I had a right proper day out on Sunday. It started early afternoon, when we went to Kings Place just behind Kings Cross Station to see Mr Chris T-T doing his "Disobedience" show. It was LOVELY to see it again, and especially to do so whilst joined by Mr S Hewitt. We all saw it MANY times in Edinburgh last year, and seeing it again was a reminder of a) what a lovely time we had b) what a GRATE show it was. It was probably the best time I'd seen it too, very much helped by the addition of one of my FAVOURITE songs by Chris, "Giraffes", at the end. Hearing it slotted in at the end of the show made UTTER sense, it seems weird to think I'd never heard it there before!

We had a bit of a chat, including some EXCITED NATTER between me and Steve about costumes for Total Hero Team next year. He's had a GRATE idea for one of the lead characters which makes me CHUCKLE with DELIGHT every time i think of it!

Then it was HO! for East London where myself and The Shops In My had some Late Lunch before going to see the Movie Presentation "Hope Springs" feat. Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee-Jones. I must admit I didn't go in with very high expectations, thinking it would be a fairly standard issue rom com that happened to have older actors in it... but actually, it was BRILLIANT. Some of it WAS funny, but it wasn't really a romcom at all and was, in fact, REALLY RATHER MOVING. Eyes were MOIST to the MAX by the end, and GOLLY but there was some Good Acting in it. I suppose THAT isn't surprising, but I AM still surprised by how much I liked it.

And then we went back to our LOCAL i.e. TAP EAST where, upon noticing that their glasses had a mark on them for a third of a pint, i bought my first ever third of a pint. It was VERY SLIGHTLY smaller than a half - amazing times!

posted 17/9/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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"We all saw it MANY times in Edinburgh next year" - you've been watching too much time-travelling telly!
posted 17/9/2012 by Tim

Good point well made - also: wishful thinking on my part! CORRECTED!
posted 17/9/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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