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Blog: God Bless America!

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ANOTHER Good Review rolls in today, from the rather brilliant SPLENDID e-zine. Splendid, basically, reviews EVERYTHING it gets sent, and so it's always got something interesting to listen to, and usually has something pretty interesting to say about it too.

There are INTERESTING points made about us too. The reviewer seems to think the list of (clearly defined, workable) policies listed in "Things'll Be Different" is an attempt to show how daft it'd be to expect singers to have such things, whereas actually it is an attempt to put forward positive, constructive proposals about how TO do things, rather than just moaning and saying everything's crap. He also highlights the fact that "Holdalls" might not mean much to The Americans, but then, BRILLIANTLY, goes on to say this shouldn't matter. Well done him! I get a bit fed up with people (always painfully serious English people) who quake in TERROR at lyrics that feature place names that aren't from London or the US, and channel their TERROR through DERISION. The FACT I've never been to America doesn't stop me enjoying American music, American films, and, especially, American COMICS, so why should Johnny Yankee not be able to get past the fact that I've written a song that names an English rail company?

The answer is of course that our Colonial Cousins are QUITE able to go along with us on this one - INDEED, they seem to rather like the change of scenery. As stated above, the only people who've complained about the local NESS of songs on the album have been painfully serious English people, whilst the best reviews we've had have mostly come from the USA. It's GRATE, I think - I wonder when the postman will deliver all the invitiations to go and play GIGS there, that must surely have been posted?

posted 22/10/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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