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Never mind The Rebel Playlist, and KNICKERS to The Mercury Music Prize - there is a MUCH more important musical decision to be made, and you, dear reader, can help ensure it is the CORRECT decision!

The At-Bristol Science Centre have asked those delightful folks at Geek Pop to find them some new hold music for their phone line. They asked for "a cute quirky song about science that is pretty accessible to non-scientists" and Geek Pop came up with FIVE possible candidates... one of which is our song, A Little Bit.

I am VERY PROUD to have this song included - all through the writing of Dinosaur Planet I was determined to have the Earth saved not by a Lone Maverick or EXPLOSIONS, but by good quality academic research undertaken by a TEAM of researchers - just as it usually is in real-life - so the chance to have the song used by Actual Scientists would be a rather wonderful dream come true.

You can hear clips of all five songs over on the Geek Pop webpage and VOTE for the one you think best meets the BRIEF. Voting is open until noon next Wednesday (October 10th), and I would VERY much appreciate it if you would take the time to go and have a listen and then, if possible, vote for US!

Go on - think of the Science Folk of Bristol, do it for THEM!

posted 3/10/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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